Career Coaching


If you’ve had enough of feeling stuck in your job, stressed and not sure where to go next I can help.

I work with women who are ready to make changes in their work situation, improve their confidence at work and ultimately work in a job they enjoy.

Each month I work with a small number of clients on a private 1:1 basis to create the positive change they want in their work life.

I specialise in career changes, looking for a new job, figuring out what to do next and building confidence to help you achieve your career goals.

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Meet some of my lovely clients…

I went to Josie as I was at a crossroads and needed some guidance career-wise. I have found my work with her a great investment in my future and in myself. Josie listened to what i wanted to achieve and then broke it down into bite sized manageable pieces. I have found Josie to be extremely knowledgeable, experienced and understanding. At the end of every phone call i feel ready to do anything, which is such a wonderful and powerful feeling. She restores my belief and confidence in myself and really challenges my negative thoughts in a way which shows me they are thoughts that can be changed. Thank you Josie for showing me the way. 

Mandy, VIP Client

Josie helps you to understand that the answers are in you.  She’s intuitive and knows what you need to do at a given time.

A breath of fresh air; Josie is a perfect mix of ultimate professionalism, a significant background in the corporate world where she has faced and overcome significant challenges.  She has given me methods to assess and understand where I am, why I feel the way I do and how to heal and move forward.

I’ve felt encouraged when I was feeling stuck and inspired on how to take action.

Jasmine, VIP Client

The techniques you shared were really useful, I liked the mini-workbook on the different faces we wear – very thought provoking.  Thank you Josie for sharing this wisdom, I’m really looking forward to next month’s bundle.  The Taking Stock bundle has fired me up with inspiration and I’m raring to go!

Stephanie, Life Change Club Member