Got no idea where you want to take your career, but know you're fed of feeling stuck in the job you're in?

Start the right career with this comprehensive step-by-step video and workbook  

(from a woman who quit her corporate job, and built a successful business doing what she loves helping women to figure out their career)


In this training, you'll learn:


What's not working for YOU

Get into the detail and understand what's not working for you in your current career or job.  Learn how to use this information to your advantage and put it towards finding the right career for you


A career that's right for YOU

Being in a career that suits you has to be unique.  Because you're unique.  You'll learn how your traits play a big part in the work you do and recognise where this can take you professionally


A step in the right direction

Get excited!  With your discoveries, you'll be shown how to take action and start the right career for you

This training is a must-have if...

  • You're stuck in a job you hate, you've had enough and ready to discover the right career for you
  • You feel lost and unsure about your next move and keen to know the career direction you should head in
  • You know you've got more to give and want to be working in a job doing something you believe in, that you enjoy and look forward to each day

This training is packed with insights that'll take you from hating that job and feeling frustrated, to clarity and direction on where you go next (even if you've got no idea what that might be right now!)

Here's what resources you get inside:

  • A step-by-step training video that'll take you through starting the right career for you
  • A printable workbook for you to document your discoveries, ideas and thoughts all in one place

Start The Right Career

Get clear on your career and make hating your job a thing of the past... this is YOUR time

How the foundations of this TRAINING helped these incredible women...


School teacher turned physiotherapist

I'd been working in the teaching profession for over 12 years and was so unhappy.  Keeping long hours and dealing with demands and high expectations most days.  I was constantly stressed and hating my job.

Realising that I couldn't go on feeling like this every working day, I knew I had to make a change.

I don't know how she does it, but Josie has a way of helping you understand who you are and what your skills and talents are.


Corporate marketing turned personal trainer

I had no idea what I wanted to do for a career when I first started this work with Josie.  All I knew was my corporate job wasn't me. 

I'm great at making excuses; a perfected procrastinator  who has bumbled along for years.

I took Josie's masterclass - Start The Right Career - and realised that I was totally in the wrong job!  This helped me get clear on where I wanted to go next.


Meet Josie

(your trainer and personal guide to starting the right career)

I quit my corporate leadership job back in 2013 after being professionally bullied, hating going into work everyday and suffering with burnout from working 12-hour days just to prove that I was capable of doing a job I'd come to hate.

Unsure where to go or what to do it, took a while for me to figure out where I wanted to be professionally.

Through many twists and turns, my lightbulb moment came through the findings I teach in this course.  

I'm a gal who loves to plan and organise - a couple of my superpowers - so I documented every step and action I took and built this course, knowing that one day, this would help others like me.

Those who have an idea on what they want to do, but unsure how to make it happen.

Those who feel lost and hate their job, but don’t know what to do.

Those who are stuck and looking for direction.

Over the years, I’ve kinda developed a reputation with my clients as a “career genius” mainly because they get clear on what they’re meant to be doing and finding career freedom when they bring it to life. 

I’m able to do this because I teach what I know.

I teach what I’ve done personally to build a career doing what I love and living the life I want.

I’m all about taking action; you tell me what you want and I’ll show you how to make it happen.

It is absolutely possible and achievable to be in a job you love; a job that brings you purpose and job satisfaction.

You’re here for a reason.  

Your talents, your heart, your passion – you are one of a kind.

You deserve to be working in a job that brings you joy and that lights you up.

And I promise you that if you follow the steps laid out inside this course, you will walk away with the makings of the right career for you.


Josie xx

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